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Topic: 5.1 DTS or AC3 --> Stereo AAC Volume Normalization Paid Help reque (Read 2178 times) previous topic - next topic

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5.1 DTS or AC3 --> Stereo AAC Volume Normalization Paid Help reque
Hello guys! Sorry if i created this topic in a wrong place or manner but forgive me - I'm really in panic cause I can't find the man i need during 2 months!

I manage the project related to HD VOD adaptive streaming and our encoding algorithm requires preparation of MP4 video container with AAC LC audio to suite the needs of multi platform adaptive streaming (HDS and HLS). In our source files we got usually 5.1 DTS and sometimes 5.1 AC3. The problem is that different sources have variable dynamic range and every time we can come along with too quite or too loud volume as outcome. We already made attempts to perform amplification by simply applying some amplification rate (empiric) to our encoding algorithm but the problem of clipping appeared. We've also came along with trying AAC Gain and some other soft without success honestly! We can afford keeping AAC 5.1 as outcome actually but Flash Player plays only 2.0 sound so it downmux 5.1 to stereo automatically and some volume reduction happens as well like during encoding to 2.0.

As for technical side we perform encoding on clusters with Debian/Centos using FFmpeg and libx264 (automatization with Python scripts) for video encoding and libfaac for audio encoding. For video encoding we perform 2 pass encoding with VBR and as well we do for audio. Final output is MP4 with AAC-LC VBR onboard.

We will be very happy to collaborate with a person who could help us solving sound normalization issues (using Replay Gian or RMS based algorithm) and we're ready to pay good money for that (payment in advance is ok). If somebody here have enough skills to help us please be so kind to PM or answer in this topic - i will really appreciate that!
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