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Internet radio, tags, radio status
Hello, guys!
I have a several tens of radio stations in my playlist.

1. not all radio have valid genre tags. How can i write my self tegs? "chill" or "ethnic" for example?

2. some stations i want to mark as favorite. How can i do that from visual switcher like star? just on or off by clicking over star. (for example)

3. some times radio is stopped and maybe is never playing again. How can i make column with date when radio is stoped. ("stopped from" - header. "3 day ago" - row)?


sorry for my eng. thank you)

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Internet radio, tags, radio status
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my question it's not readable, or just nobody know answer?)

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Internet radio, tags, radio status
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You can't tag radio streams.

You can create several playlists (one for each radio station, for example) and group them using foo_playlist_organizer.