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Topic: Problem with iMac 27 + Motu Hybrid mk3 + Alesis Mk2 (Read 1206 times) previous topic - next topic

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Problem with iMac 27 + Motu Hybrid mk3 + Alesis Mk2
Hello hydrogen people, i've found your forum while browsing for some place to get help to the strange problem with my audio hardware and my iMac that haunts me for a few months now.

This all started when one of my Alesis monitor fried out of nowhere. I sent it to repair and as it appears this is a know problem from a faulty condenser that heats up too much and causes a short in the power supply board. Well, they repaired it and sent it back to me. The thing is now my monitor won't work with my iMac and my Motu Hybrid Mk3. When i connect it to my sound card the blue led starts flashing and my audio card goes crazy and all sound stops. But this only happens through my Motu and only when it's connected to my iMac. Otherwise everything works just fine, tried it with my laptop. Ruled out almost every possible problem but still no luck in knowing what this might be and how to fix it. Everything appears just fine except when connected to my iMac and Motu together, and only in the monitor that was fixed, the other works fine (when the fixed one is not connected to the sound card). It appears that when i connect my sound card and monitors to some other computer everything is ok. I guess the problem or some part of it is in my iMac, but all other symptoms point in different directions. Complete nonsense.

Been trying to find the reason for this strange happening with no luck for a while now. Maybe some of you guys could help me. I really need both monitors working in my big screen as i need to work in sound design and music production.

Here's my setup:

iMac 27 -> Motu Hybrid Mk3 (firewire) -> Alesis Active MkII

Thanks in advance.
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Problem with iMac 27 + Motu Hybrid mk3 + Alesis Mk2
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Some more things i tried in despair: different cables, different power sources, different "in's" in the sound card, banging my head against the wall. 

Always the same problem, repaired monitor won't work (blinking blue light), even if my sound card is powered off, it only takes to connect my repaired monitor to any "in" in my sound card while it's connected to my iMac for the blinking to start.