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Shuffle Albums from start to finish?
Hey all. I was wondering if there's a script available (or something else that would achieve this) which enables the shuffling of albums that plays the first song to the last song sequentially... The "Shuffle Albums" option in foobar2000 currently (or at least the one I have) shuffles albums but plays the songs in the album in a random order...

I searched for it on google (found a promising result which, unfortunately, led me to nowhere) and on the forums but haven't found an answer to my question. Hopefully you guys can help me out--thanks.

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Shuffle Albums from start to finish?
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Tracks within an album are sorted by the pattern located at preferences, advanced, playback, shuffle. The default is %discnumber% | %tracknumber% | %title%, which should do what you want. Adjust it or tag your files accordingly.

Shuffle Albums from start to finish?
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Hmm... I retried it after reading the reply (altering nothing) and it seemingly works now... For whatever reason.

Hey, well thanks man.