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Stop FB2K taking over MP3 Icon

First of all let me just say a huge thanks to everyone that helped make Foobar, it's a brilliant audio player.

I usually don't have this problem because, whilst I enjoy Foobar for manually listening to music and playlists in particular, I still use WMP to quickly open single MP3 files. Well, it's been annoying me with "Server Execution Failed" messages and also a component of it uses a constant 10-12% of my CPU. So now I've set Media Player Classic to open any video files, and Foobar any MP3 files.

But what I really do not like is the Foobar .mp3 icon. I looked up how to change the default icon for file extensions and successfully changed it back to the standard WIndows .mp3 one. But as soon as I double click an MP3 file, Foobar opens up, plays it, and changes the icon back.

Hence, is there any way to get Foobar to stop taking over the default MP3 icon?


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Stop FB2K taking over MP3 Icon
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Try replacing the \icons\mp3.ico file in the folder where foobar2000 is installed (on my PC, for example, it’s D:\foobar2000\icons\mp3.ico). That should let you use whatever icon you want for MP3 files.
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Stop FB2K taking over MP3 Icon
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Unfortunately this doesn't work. Amazingly, when I go to re-name the icon of the original Windows MP3 icon, as soon as I hit the enter key, the icon transforms into that ugly Foobar one! Why does Foobar seem to have such a firm grip on its icons :/

EDIT: While it initially did this, a few looks back and forth on my icon manager and whatnot seems to have finally switched the icon. I've had to permanently remove the Foobar icon in the process, that icon really wanted to stay! Thanks for the suggestion!
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Stop FB2K taking over MP3 Icon
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Which version of foobar2000 and which version of Windows do you use? - my components for foobar2000

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Stop FB2K taking over MP3 Icon
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It's 1.1.13 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

But as above, I've now fixed the problem