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11,025hz crackles
Hello everyone,
I'm having a problem which introduces crackles into audio of an 11,025hz sample rate. I have played multiple files multiple times (in foobar2000) and each time the crackle sounds different. I then added the resampler into the dsp chain and set it to 44,100hz. This completely eliminated the crackles. I also tried setting the buffer ridiculously high, and there was no change, the crackles were still happening. I believe these three things would indicate that the crackle is not part of the file, but is caused by something else. I have a Realtek ALC888 with the latest drivers, and I am running Windows XP 32 bit. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

11,025hz crackles
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Well I found the problem. I for some reason had the AC'97 driver installed next to the HD Audio driver. I just uninstalled both, then reinstalled the HD driver, restarted, and all was fine. Sorry for making this thread before I noticed this.