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Search set up
Hello everyone, I'm brand new to Foobar, I've just recently switch from itunes and so far I like Foobar much better as a whole however I have one thing that sort of bothers me. I don't tend to use playlists so I don't have the playlist part of my layout open, however when I run searches, using quick search toolbar it creates a new playlist based on my search and then I find myself having to open up the playlists and deleting it every time I make a new search. Is there not a way to set up the search to act like the itunes search? I'd just like to type in my search to find what I want but then once I delete the search I'd like it to just show all of my music again instead of having to switch to another playlist. I apologiz if this has already been asked this isn't possible to do, it's just the only thing that has bothered me so far and I'm not sure what to do about it as I am unfamiliar with Foobar.

Posted this in tech support and realized this may be a "how to" question so I've relocated my question here.

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Search set up
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Set the toolbar to search in "Playlist (inline)". More info can be found here.