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Sound Souvenirs, Audio Technology, Memory and Cultural Practice
Look it up on Google Books - it's all there viewed in the UK (but without pictures).

Quite an academic and philosophical look and audio, and our relationship with audio technology.

Interesting ideas in Chapter 3 that, like the "media" from most previous times, we will eventually enough lose most of our digital audio. (not sure I believe that). Interesting thoughts on our desire to hold on to the past.

Chapter 6 talks about a specific genre of pop music that was quickly sidelined, and so is particularly the realm of collectors, and very nostalgic.

I loved the early Chapter where it described how no one really know what to do with a tape recorder.

Great stuff. Written more from a philosophical than engineering background, but if that doesn't annoy you, you might find it interesting. I learnt something.


P.S. please edit my typing in the title! Souvenirs has only one "e"! [!--sizeo:1--][span style=\"font-size:8pt;line-height:100%\"][!--/sizeo--](Done. -g)[/size]
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