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foo_output_oal >=0.3 bug
On my SBLive I have an issue when going to the OpenAL option page when playing sound
(goes away if I stop the playback) - one of EAX effects turns on,
which sounds like a standard reverb at 100%.
THis bug is reproducible only once every Foobar2000 start.

This doesn't happen if I:
- replace DefOpenAL32.dll with official version
- use emulation instead of hardware support
- go to the page when not playing (pause is enough)

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foo_output_oal >=0.3 bug
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Says "foo_output_oal >=0.3 bug"

Do you have the latest output? (0.4)

foo_output_oal >=0.3 bug
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This is a know problem. It seems to be a bug of the Creative Labs OpenAL32.DLL driver, I have the same effect with my Audigy card even with latest beta drivers.
The reverb kicks in when I initialize the default OpenAL32.dll to get some information about it. This happens only one time, the information is cached until you end foobar2k. 
If your soundcard has hardware support, it's safe to delete the DefOpenAL32.dll, the problem wents away then. This should even speed up loading time of the dialog page, so I recommend it for users of Live/Audigy/nForce soundchips.

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foo_output_oal >=0.3 bug
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Thanks for the tip!