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Improving fb2k performance inside VMWare
Hey everyone, been lurking here for at least 6 years 

I'm running fb2k inside the latest VMWare Fusion on my Mac running Mountain Lion.
It usually works well, but I was running into a lot of problems where playback would stutter while I was doing other things on the computer.

I wanted to have the Windows XP VM i'm running take control of my E-MU 0404 USB, but I'm not sure what to do with that since whenever I attach it to the Windows VM, E-MU USB Control Panel won't recognize it even though I can see it in Hardware Monitor and everything. But, that's not necessarily the issue I'm trying to get help with here.

I made the playback quality by running ASIO out with ASIO4ALL to change up the latency settings and increase audio thread priority. This helped a lot, but I still get choppy playback once in a while, almost exclusively when changing songs.

Just wondering what can be done for best audio output through VMWare? While getting the 0404 USB to work properly inside the VM would be the best solution, I like having the VM output audio as it does so I don't have to choose between fb2k and the rest of my system's audio. However, I have tons of experience with the quirks of E-MU devices, so I haven't given up yet (I probably just need to put some more effort into it)

My system isn't the issue, I have a i5-3570K and 16GB RAM. My XP VM is getting 2GB dedicated RAM.
I had everything running in a Win7 x64 VM before, but Win7 didn't play so nicely with some other Windows apps I wanted to use.
(I also know it's not an issue with Mountain Lion as the same thing happened to me while running Lion as the main OS.)

Thanks in advance!
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