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Topic: foo_out_asio 2.1.2 Stutters on Pause, Seek, and Track Change (Read 679 times) previous topic - next topic

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foo_out_asio 2.1.2 Stutters on Pause, Seek, and Track Change
My setup is as follows: Foobar2000 is set to output to ASIO, the device being Reaper's ReaRoute. A track is opened in Reaper and source set to Rearoute 1/2, and monitoring is enabled. Another track monitors a microphone input, and will 'duck' (inverse gate, actually) the audio from Foobar2000 if talking from the microphone goes over a certain threshold. I've done this for a VBS where music would play in the background and its level would drop whenever there was an announcement or something like that. Pretty nifty and useful.

Today I just updated to Foo_out_asio ver. 2.1.2, and whenever I pause the track, seek through the track, and switch a track (not automatic switching as one track goes to the next), it'll have a stutter for a little over 1 second, which sounds somewhat like the part in the track being paused upon repeating rapidly. I'm sure you are familiar with this...

I've changed the latency settings in Reaper, switched from WASAPI to DirectSound and back and forth, and also have played with the buffer time in Foobar2000, and none of what I've tried has fixed it. I've tried the 64-bit driver and the 32-bit driver. I've tried increasing the process priority also, to no avail.

In Reaper, I've tried disabling the FX that control the ducking, have tried making a new project with just a track, and also have increased process priority to time critical. None of these fixed the issue.

I searched online for an older version of foo_out_asio, ver. 1.2.7, and it worked perfectly. No stutters on pause, seek, or track change. I don't remember what version I had previously, but I didn't have this issue before either.

If it makes any difference, everything I've mentioned above occurs on both my desktop and my laptop.

The only addons I have installed are foo_out_asio, foo_abx, and foo_wave_seekbar.