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External Compressor Error with EAC and LAME
Photo here: 

"The external compressor returned an error" and then a long list of details, shown in the attached photo.  It does this after every track, but processes it anyway when I hit enter.  I just have to do that for every track on a cd.  I'm pretty lost.  Just trying to rip to MP3 (decided FLAC + MP3 is too hard to set up).  I've set up LAME to be my external processor.  Running Windows 7 Home Premium, EAC 1.0 beta 3, and the newest version of lame(3.99).  The naming scheme options I have set up in EAC are %tracknr2% - %artist% - %title%.  I think the error may be related to this, but I'm not sure. 

Can someone help me out?  I bet it's happened to someone else, too..

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External Compressor Error with EAC and LAME
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You want MP3 but the commandline you have there is for FLAC.  Easiest solution is to just re-run the "Configuration Wizard" (EAC > Configuration Wizard).

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External Compressor Error with EAC and LAME
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The problem is that you're using command-line arguments for flac.exe, not LAME. The EAC configuration for LAME 3.99 was just discussed today:

But if you were considering ripping and encoding in both Flac and Mp3, you might want to reconsider and use Flac instead, then you'll be able to later transcode it to Mp3 using something like foobar or dbpoweramp. It makes no sense to go the other way (Mp3 to Flac) because you'll have already lost some degree of sound quality with the initial lossy encoding in Mp3.