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Ripping issue related to Finding CD drive
Hi There,
I should just start by saying thanks for the help! 

I'm a new Foobar user have it set up and it seems to be runing ok.  I'm not a software engineer, but am generally competent and can usually figure things out, so I'm not a complete halfwit when it comes to following instructions!
Set up:
Windows 7 professional 64 bit
Latest version of Foobar downloaded directly from Foobar.
Running the refalac64 bit to post process into Apple Lossless.  All output seems like it is fine so far. Seeing slight differences in bitrate vs. a rip from iTunes into ALAC, but it seems like I'm not the only one.

Here is the issue which is probaly obvious, but I'm at a loss at the moment:

When I put a standard CD in the drive while Foobar is open in the OS then click "Open audio CD..."  Foobar then tries to process through what it thinks is a "Z" drive which takes several minutes... it then eventually finds the "E" drive where I have my optical drive and then all is fine.  Problem is that seems to be no where for me to tell Foobar the optical drive is "drive E" even though I don't have a "Z" drive (or any other drive virtual or real, mounted).  As a result Ripping is a god awful slow pain... again once it finds the drive all seems completely fine.  It will then re-find the cd in drive e with no problems if for example I try and play it though Foobar... This only happens when I stick a new CD in the drive or take the CD out and put it back in.  Thoughts?

Also, while I'm here.... any ability to automate the ripping process to make it slightly less painful?  In iTunes I can configure the process so it runs automagically... put the CD in automatically rips to ALAC then spits it back out.
Right now I'm having to manually tell it to look up the metadata every time and I don't seem to see a way to make the process a little less hands on... (re ripping most of my CD collection after listening to rips done in iTunes vs Foobar and EAC... May move back to EAC given it makes ripping a bit easier although not sure if the refalac64.exe will work in EAC).

Anyway thanks to all and any who can point me in the right direction...