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[cool story bro] From: OptimFROG - what's the latest?
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me begin with an expression of delight in finally being able to log-in, or log-‘back’-in. What errors I experience(d), whether inconsequential or relevant to debugging, I'll state briefly, if I may-- for it's been a long and frustrating path back to such ability to author text here.

On attempting to validate my forum account membership-- as I recall, multiple occasions-- were isolated redundant cycle, whereby the process consisted of my entering the ID / Passphrase, subsequent submission thereof (using the HTML form / javascript handler) via HTTP REQUEST which, resulting in a  redirection back to that login page. At that point, puzzled by whether my data entry was inconsistent with that of my proper credentials, I might try /other/ pass-phrases, for example, which-- unlike those which had been the valid data-- led to prompts indicating such user/password was incorrect. It seemed I had no way of /getting back in/.

Now, having disabled "Ghostery", a Mozilla browser add-on for the purpose of eliminating tracking cookies and the like-- perhaps more comically referenced as “Peter Percival Patterson’s Pet Peeve named Profiling-- I've finally achieved success. Okay, enough of all that-- but for one last thing-- I apologize for my apparent disinterest in the kindly replies to my query. For those, @DARcode and “Chris”, I thank you very much, and I mean to investigate your recommended reading, directly.

Many thanks.
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