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Topic: [OFF-TOPIC ZEALOTRY] From: I need help with EAC 1.0 Beta3 (Read 435 times) previous topic - next topic

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[OFF-TOPIC ZEALOTRY] From: I need help with EAC 1.0 Beta3
first, its best to use flac when ripping, then convert the flac to mp3 as needed, flac is lossless, mp3 is lossy, depending on the device you want to use the files on after ripping you may want to consider Ogg or even AAC for your lossy needs rather then mp3 as they retain higher quality then mp3 at the same bitrate.

this is my opinion, but, after having taught myself to ear mp3 artifacts when doing a project in highschool, mp3's even at 320k....they bug me, i can catch random compression errors/artifacts.....dosnt help that I also use higher quality earphones and a high end audio player (makes the flaws stick out more.)

please let us know what your planned use for the files is, such as what player you plan to use, what headphones, that kind of thing.

personally, If I am going to take the time to rip cd's I do it to flac, that way, no matter what format I want it in later, its easy to just convert to that format without added loss.