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USB DAC With Equalizer
Does anyone know of any USB DAC that includes a graphic equalizer in its driver software. I know most media players have equalizer functions, but I want to be able to use equalization when listening to streaming media using a web browser (Grooveshark, Pandora, etc). Any other solution (maybe some software that would insert an equalizer into the audio chain?) would also be helpful. I am using Windows 7 x64.


USB DAC With Equalizer
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All MOTU interfaces come with something called CueMixFX.


As well as 8 16 channel software mixers you get up to 7 graphical parametric EQs, 2 compressers and reverb on every channel.

RME has something similar called TotalMix, Focusrite has MixControl with plug in effects suite, in fact I think most of the pro audio manufacturers bundle something similar with their interfaces.

Alternatively you could use a software application. For instance -  Download the free eval copy of Ableton Live.

You can do a degree in Ableton now so it ought to keep you busy for a few hours mangling the zeros and ones.