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[TOS #6 ×3] UPnP presentation

Hi all

I have a problem getting data from the UPnP server. I'd like it to act just as fb2k itself does, that is, to use the Artist Album tag if it's present, otherwise use the Artist tag in the same place.

This has happened as I have a number of 'Various Artist' albums with various artists and tracks, and have given those tracks an Artist Album tag of 'Various Artist'. Without doing that, every track is listed with its Artist, presenting hundreds of Artists with just one track to their name.

I've tried looking at the documentation, and hopefully am looking at the right thing in the Preferences >> Tools >> UPnP >> Server >> Content page.

The docs sort of stop there

Customizing the browse tree

(to be completed)



Anyone know if I'm on the right track with this?