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I have a large number of music files (mp3) (hundreds) that I would
like to rename based on tag data as follows:

First: (%album%)(%track%)(%title%)(%artist%)

Second: Convert everything to lower case.

Third: Replace spaces with the equal sign "=".

Forth: Replace ")(" with ")-(".

I have tested several utilities, read documentation, etc.
but I haven't been able to (figure out how to) do this fully.

I need a recommended program, and instructions as to
how to do this.

Help will be appreciated,

Steve, thank you.

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Just use foobar2000 and its file operations:
$lower($replace('('%album%')''('%tracknumber%')''('%title%')''('%artist%')', ,=,')(',')-('))

Is that what you’re looking for? Something like (autumn=aurora)-(03)-(glare=of=autumn)-(drudkh).mp3? If not, please be more specific.

On a side note, if you don’t want any Unicode characters, add $ansi(), like this:
$ansi($lower($replace('('%album%')''('%tracknumber%')''('%title%')''('%artist%')', ,=,')(',')-(')))

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Yes that's what I need. I'll download FOOBAR and try it.


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This seems simple but I cannot make it work.

I installed foobar2000 and it's file renaming component.

I selected one file to rename (blue hilite).
I right clicked the on file operations.
I selected rename.
I pasted the rename string specified into the component.
I clicked RUN. RUN seems a little bit funny name.

FOOBAR2000 responds with DING. Nothing is renamed.

I have no idea what to do to make it work.

Can someone help me??

Steve Broshears.

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You might find Mp3tag, which is a dedicated file tagging and renaming program, to be easier to use than foobar2000 for tasks like this. They also have a forum for support questions.

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I repeated your steps. This is how it looks before pressing "Run":

The lower section shows a preview (column "destination") of the filenames after the operation.
Does it look different for you?

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I renamed a different song and it worked.
No ding sound.

It couldn't have been a typo because I pasted everything.
And  I clicked on the song.

I'm going to duplicate the music in another directory for safety
and then test some more.

Steve ...

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Now it works just fine even the one that failed yesterday with one exception.

There are no track numbers on any file, at least most, it comes out ().

Most of these files were M4A and do have track numbers in the M4A version.

I converted to MP3 and this is where I lost the track numbers.
I need MP3 format to play in my car.

Does anyone have any idea how to try to get the track numbers back, possibly using FREEDB.

Doing the conversion OVER would be a PAIN.

Steve ...