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Looking for "Ibiza" skin by Br3tt
I wish I could use the Ibiza skin on foobar 1.1.x, so have been trying to download it along with all requested (and right versions of) components in order to install in a 0.9.x, afterward I'm going to adapt/change/modify all the scripts and then finally import everything on actual version of foobar2000.

The problem is I can't find the right (versions of such) components, so this prevent me from importing the .fcl I downloaded from DeviantArt.
Is there anyone who can send me or address me where to find a complete folder of foobar working with Ibiza skin or at least the components I need?

P.S. I know, to get in touch with Br3tt himself would be the obvious thing to do, but I'd like to avoid registering at DeviantArt...

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Looking for "Ibiza" skin by Br3tt
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