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Do you have an iPod Classic?
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Since my model is only 4 GB, I've recently started compressing everything on it to 128 kb/s AAC with the QuickTime encoder, to save space.

That's not necessary. You can select the option to re-encode everything to AAC/128 during the sync. So you can keep all you stuff in best quality while your iPod receives only the re-encoded stuff.

Do you have an iPod Classic?
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I have a 6th gen 160 GB Classic, and I quite like it, although I do prefer the scroll wheel on my previous 5th gen "Classic". (feel/tactile response)

Almost 14,000 songs, in my preferred/tested format of Lame V2 MP3. (I've got 10X that much, but have been lazy choosing what I want to sync over haha)

I rip my CDs with EAC in secure test & copy mode, to FLAC (for my archive library), and do any conversions with foobar2000 (for my MP3 library - ipod). I edit tags with MP3Tag. Foobar + foo_dop for ipod syncing. (now, if only I could figure this out...)

I listen to it in my car via the headphone jack > AUX IN. (the cable was a gift & I haven't replaced it with a line-out cable yet - I actually like how it sits nicely in my cup holder this way) It works fine tho. (and that may be the setup some people use RE: battery life discussion)

It gets plugged into other people's hifi's at parties sometimes - works great. (i love portable players for that kind of aspect) I also use it camping etc. with an Ion Tailgater - great stuff.

At work, it's like this for my entire 10 hour shift: iPod > line out > Fiio E11 > Denon AH-D2000 headphones. Heaven!

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The same except different.

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Do you have an iPod Classic?
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They fixed the EQ clipping on iOS5, IIRC, but, at the same time, they completely borked Sound Check, it gets disabled when you skip a song. Crossing fingers for iOS6!

^Which means that they're aware of the problem, but can't be bothered to fix it on previous iPods.
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Do you have an iPod Classic?
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Glad I never use EQ on my iPod Classic.