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Topic: XLD Split Single FLAC image and Generate NEW Cue and Log? (Read 4095 times) previous topic - next topic

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XLD Split Single FLAC image and Generate NEW Cue and Log?
XLD Split Single FLAC image and Generate NEW Cue and Log?


Is this possible with XLD?

I have searched these forums and other places for ways to do this with XLD and I have found nothing.
Here is a quote from on how to use EAC to accomplish such a task:

"EAC - How to split image files with Exact Audio Copy and a cue sheet

1. Make sure the image audio file and the corresponding .cue file are in the same folder.

2. Decode the image audio file to a wave file using your preferred converter.

3. Open EAC.

4. Select "Split WAV By CUE Sheet" from the "Tools", then select "With Gaps." (Hot Keys Alt + T + S + G)

5. Navigate to the image wave file you just decoded and select it and then click "Open."

6. EAC will ask you for a cue file. Select the image cue file that's in the same folder and then click "Open."

The image file should be processing now.
EAC will automatically make a non-compliant cue sheet named CDtitle-cutted.cue.cue in the same folder as the split audio files.

If EAC says "Error in cue sheet" then open the cue sheet with a text editor and remove any folder/path information and make sure the file extension of the image audio file says ".wav" in the cue file. If it doesn't make it ".wav" and save the cue sheet; then repeat steps 4 to 6.

If the image rip has a pregap or hidden track you can also extract it.
Follow the steps from above until step 4. At step 4 select "individual indices" instead of "with gaps." After processing you may have many files named like

01.00 Tonight.wav
01.01 Tonight.wav
02.00 Could You Be Loved.wav
02.01 Could You Be Loved.wav

Each track is named for the track number then the index number.
The pregap/hidden file is track 1 index 00 so you want the one that starts with 01.00.
** Make sure you delete all other split files from the "index" split.

Note: These instructions fail on some Windows 7 64-bit systems where step 5 causes the system to crash. The recommended solution is to use the EAC settings to "disable visual themes." See for more information."

Anyone know of a way to do such a thing with XLD?

XLD will of course split any single file into whatever you want, but it won't make a new cuesheet (though you can prepend the gaps, which I do), and there is no log file for the conversion.

It seems that the EAC way of doing it makes EAC 'think' that it sees a CD, and then "rips" it (Transcodes it) to separate tracks plus the cue and log.