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Splitting image+cue file under GNU/Linux

I know that this subject was raised multiple times. I've read several topics regarding this issue but none of them provided a definite answer for me.

Most often the recommended application is shntool (exactly the shnsplit component). It does the job but it fails generate a new cuesheet for tracks created during
split. Therefore it's no longer (after deleting image file) possible to recreate 1:1 CD copy (with pre-gaps, negative countdown, etc.) From my understanding shnsplit appends pre-gap (INDEX 00) to previous track. Cuesheet specification doesn't provide for such situation but it's possible to create non-standard cuesheet that is accepted by many CD burning tools.

Back on Windows I used CUETools application for that. I could try to launch it under Wine as a last resort but optimally I'd like a native GNU/Linux tool.

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Splitting image+cue file under GNU/Linux
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Is support for FLAC an absolute requirement; or would you accept something more general, which probably means something that requires WAV? Not that I know whether any utilities exist of either kind, but the thread belongs in General Audio unless the former is the case.
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Splitting image+cue file under GNU/Linux
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Wine + any Windows utility you prefer.

Splitting image+cue file under GNU/Linux
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Download package cuetools and read the man pages of the four programs which compose the package: cuebreakpoints, cueconvert, cueprint and cuetag.

But you don't need to split the CUE sheet to listen to the songs; simply add the CUE sheet in your favorite audio player (I use Audacious) as if you were adding new musics to the playlist. All songs will be split automatically and added one by one in the playlist.