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Amadeus - A HTPC skin for foobar2k! (Preview)
Using the spare time I had I have finally completing my design on my quest for HTPC skin for foobar2k! I'm actually very content and satisfy with it!! 

Introductory Note
First of all, the screenshot that you are seeing IS NOT XBMC! It is actually foobar2k! Designed purely using panel splitter and columns UI!

Being both of XBMC and foobar2k, it has always been my wildest dream to have a HTPC full skin for foobar2k. I have tried HTPC full screen panel which is essentially a WSH Panel Mod but it didn't really come to my preference. And I definitely like the HTPC skin in foobar2k much much much ... better!

Since I manage all my musics using foobar2k and like to use custom tag, I find XBMC to not be suited for such job. Main reason being that I had used foobar2k for such a long time to micromanage all my music. Another reason is I do not wish to import all my music AGAIN to another piece of software just to playback the music. Final reason being that I like to select the type of tag (display) that I wanted to view. Hence it is inevitable that the obvious choice is to design a skin for such purpose. Even I myself is happy with the final work!

What this skin lack... or so
Keyboard navigation. Actually this is not a feature implementable by this skin, but the core of foobar2k itself.

A huge thanks to XBMC for inspiring me to design this skin! And of course to foobar2k for constantly being developed and improved!!

Link to Amadeus

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Amadeus - A HTPC skin for foobar2k! (Preview)
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This looks great! Have you made it available for all? for testers?