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Foobar process not shutting down when exiting program
Until today I had been running foobar2000 for a while with no problems. However today when I attempted to exit out of foobar and then restart the program I noticed that the process was not getting killed in the task manager (even after a wait of 5 minutes or so), forcing me to kill it manually and re-open the program every time I wanted to restart foobar:

When I do restart foobar and run it in safe mode, and then exit out it exits out just fine. However when I run foobar normally and then exit out the process still does not close. As you can see I removed every single 3rd party component and upgraded to the beta (after running 1.1.2.a) however the problem still persists. None of my other programs on Windows have this problem.

I was trying out some scripts from the last few pages of the [a href='index.php?showtopic=0']WSH Panel Mod script discussion thread[/a] before this popped up, but since I removed that component and am running up the barebones version of foobar I am not sure why this would cause a problem.

Help would be appreciated....