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[TOS #6] Foobar 2000 - new user seeks answers
Having looked through a lot of the highbrow stuff on this forum, apologies if my questions seem a bit lightweight. Have just switched to Foobar (from QMP, which had suddenly become very unstable) and have only imported a small sample while I configure the UI to my liking.

1. Is it possible to include Label/Publisher to appear in the metadata window?

2. Is there a limit to the number of tracks the media library can handle before the application becomes unstable?

3. QMP allowed submission of tracks/albums to Gracenote for genre ID. How do other Foobar users obtain this info?

4. For some reason I've double-tagged most of my collection in the Album Artist field - eg The Men\\The Men. Which means that my album list reads as:
Open Your Heart [The Men, The Men] (10)

Is there any quick way to correct this, or am I destined to spend a bit of time with MP3tag?

My thanks in advance.