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Ipod help please?
After trying to delete some songs, the ipod hanged for a long time and then said they were deleted.I tried to add more, but suddenly I couldn't, and instead of showing my music in the summary, it was filled with *other*.I also coudln't change settings in the summary tab *such as manually manage music* because the apply button was stilled greyed out.Using foobar, i could add songs and they show up in itunes but won't show up on the ipod.I restored my ipod and even with nothing on it it can't add new stuff.Could anyone help me?

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Ipod help please?
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Restore it with iTunes.

Ipod help please?
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There have been rare times when I was unable to restore my iPod with iTunes. In those times, I formatted the iPod (Windows sees it as a hard drive) and then I was able to properly restore.

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Ipod help please?
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Also try a reset by holding the menu and select buttons down for >5 seconds on ipods with click wheel (while the ipod is on) .

Ipod help please?
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Just note that if you have an iPod classic and have to reformat the hard drive (while using Windows), you need to use the FAT32 file system.  You should not use the NTFS or exFAT file systems as that will likely cause problems with iTunes.  Everyone I know of that uses NTFS or exFAT to format the iPod's hard drive is unable to restore it in iTunes.  The use of the FAT32 file system means that you will also have to use a 3rd party program to reformat the HDD as Windows itself can no longer format hard drives using FAT32 and is limited to thumb drives and memory cards (at least Windows 7 is) for me.