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Topic: foobar2000’s ASIO output seems not to work w/ JACK’s dummy ASIO driver (Read 1988 times) previous topic - next topic

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foobar2000’s ASIO output seems not to work w/ JACK’s dummy ASIO driver

I'm trying to use foobar2000 with JACK. It works by installing a dummy ASIO driver that redirects the audio output of an application to the JACK server. Then you can either redirect that audio to another application, to another JACK server on the network, or to a (real) ASIO driver. My problem is that foobar's ASIO output component doesn't seem to work with JACK server's dummy ASIO driver (although it works with a real ASIO driver). When I select "ASIO: JackRouter" as the output device in foobar's options and click Play, the status bar says "Starting playback..." for 10 seconds, then I get a console "Timeout" message. It doesn't seem to be JACK's fault since this configuration works with Winamp + ASIO output. I've tried to make it work on two different computers (with different soundcards), so this doesn't seem to be the problem either. I wonder if someone has had more success at this, or if something can be done to make foo_out_asio compatible with JACK.

I'm using Jack v1.9.9 on Windows 7 64-bit with the latest versions of foobar2000 and foo_out_asio.

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