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[TOS #8] From: WASAPI plug-in version 3.0 beta
No complaints or bug reports from me! This (3.0 beta 2) works beautifully!

What I find curious is that the sound quality actually improves when I switch from 24-bit to 32-bit output when running this in Windows 7 through Parallels on my MacBook Pro. The Windows 7 sound output is set to be 24/192, and even just plain redbook (16/44) files sound quite a bit better when Foobar's output is set to 32-bit instead of 24-bit. Very strange. Shouldn't make a lick of difference, but it does. There seems to be more sense of depth to the sound than when in 24-bit output mode. *scratches head* EDIT: Except the highs get fatiguing quickly, I guess from truncating back to 24-bit. Weird. *shrug* Either way, it's nice being able to use WASAPI and be able to scan in a song or even just switch songs without an error. Cheers!
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