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Favourite track for reminding later or to a new list
Is there a such component? Thought it was built in per default?

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Favourite track for reminding later or to a new list
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You could simply add a custom metadata field to your files via the Properties dialogue. Or, the more or less canonical way is to use Ratings provided by Peter's Playback Statistics component. As far as I know the ratings are not written directly to the files, so you won't alter them. You can optionally write the statistics to the files' metadata, though, if need be. The rating field is accessible by the title formatting string %rating%.

For example, you could set your favourite tracks to a rating of 5, and then later filter your Media Library by %rating% IS 5, or you could add a custom column to your Playlist View using %rating% and just sort that. The possiblities are vast.

You can find a small guide at It's important to mention the lifetime of the playback statistics, to quote from the link
Starting from version 3.0, collection of playback statistics is no longer restricted to your Media Library content. You can use this component without using Media Library at all, however, you should keep your non-ML music referenced from a playlist for foobar2000 to maintain the statistics.

Playback statistics data is no longer dropped when the tracks are removed from the media library. A record gets removed when no matching track has been seen by foobar2000 (in Media Library or in any playlist or in an imported XML backup of playback statistics) for four weeks.

Shoot if you need more help.
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It's only audiophile if it's inconvenient.

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Favourite track for reminding later or to a new list
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Thanks a ton! I already had the playstatistics plugin installed lucky me! However if i want to favourite different tracks to different genres, for example i want to favourite the "artist - title" track to the "specific genre", is that possible? Favourite different tracks to different genres so i can keep track on them.
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