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<track> = xx/yy vs <totaltracks>?
My preferences lean towards track = xx and totaltracks = yy (both padded to two-figures), but I discovered that by a careless choice of options, I have quite a few with the track field being 01/12, 02/12 etc.

Before I start trying to convert: Is there any good argument for the latter?

Maybe I should have asked about more general recommendations than Vorbis comments, but FLAC is my ripping format of choice, so ... to this forum it goes.

<track> = xx/yy vs <totaltracks>?
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I now go with what you're leaning towards, i.e., separate fields for tracknumber and total tracks, mainly because I'm a foobar user and this is the way foobar writes them.

I used to have my rips tagged xx/yy (which was at the time - and perhaps still is - the default mp3tag convention for flacs).  Unfortunately foo_verifier won't verify an album with AccurateRip unless the total tracks field is present.

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<track> = xx/yy vs <totaltracks>?
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The number of tracks in an album is a separate datum and belongs in a unique field, IMO.

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<track> = xx/yy vs <totaltracks>?
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Quite inefficient to repeat a value. Put it in it's own field.