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  • fluppi
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columns_ui: switch between panels
Hi everyone,

I´d like to update from foobar to v1.1.

My old foobar config is very simple; it consits of two panels: a playlist panel and a album_list panel.
I can switch between them by clicking on a button, which is provided by Tabbed Panel Stack mod (foo_uie_tabs).
You can see it on my pictures.

But there is one Problem: Since I couldnt find a working version of foo_uie_tabs for foobar 1.1, I´d like to know,
how I can realize this function on a different way.

It would be really cool, if someone could help me. 

best regards

p.s.: sorry for my bad english, it´s not my mother tongue

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  • lvqcl
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columns_ui: switch between panels
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  • Mr.Duck
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columns_ui: switch between panels
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Make 2 separate Columns UI configs and then make a button to swap between them?

  • fluppi
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columns_ui: switch between panels
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Thanks for your answers.

I tried Tabbed Panel Stack mod 0.2.6 and it works fine.

But now i did it like Mr.Duck suggested; so i don´t need foo_uie_tabs anymore.

Thank you very much, both of you! 
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