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Topic: Which burners can write CD-text and overburn 90min. media? (Read 821 times) previous topic - next topic

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Which burners can write CD-text and overburn 90min. media?
I'm trying to find a burner that supports WRITING CD-Text data (and ISRC codes of course), and is able to handle 800 MB (90-minute) blanks. I'm working as a mastering engineer and regularly have requests for "extra-long" masters, and now they want CD-Text added as well. My current setup does not handle that option, and two hours of googling and reading haven't brought up a list of currently available burners that do, apart from Sony-Optiarc AD models, but these (according to company specifications) expressly do NOT handle more than 80-minute blanks. OTOH, those that are confirmed to burn 90-minute discs reliably don't give unambiguous information whether they can write CD-Text and ISRC codes! Maybe someone here has recent experience with a drive still available in the shops that can reliably write 90-minute discs with text and ISRC, with good quality? I read that the current Pioneer burners are recommendable quality-wise, but cannot find detailed info on the rather special features I need (on the contrary, lots of reports from folks who don't manage to write CD-Text on Pioneer machines....)
BTW I am located in Europe (Germany), so models that are easily available over here would be much preferred, though I'm prepared to import a Japanese or US drive if there is no other way. Thank you!