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Topic: Nullsoft WaveOut (or something similar) with foobar2000? (Read 1471 times) previous topic - next topic

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Nullsoft WaveOut (or something similar) with foobar2000?
I know that WaveOut was discontinued after 0.9 was released. However, after playing around a bit, it seems like WaveOut is the only output format that works for my setup at work.

I'm using bluetooth headphones, which has sort of thrown a wrench into things. DirectSound in Winamp and foobar causes nonstop hiccups in the music. Playing in WMP 12 (I'm on win7 Enterprise) works, but WMP is very resource-intensive, and as such the audio skips fairly frequently (e.g. any time I do anything else that uses more than mimial system resources).

foobar with the WASAPI plugin works well - it only skips when the CPU spikes or the stupid UAC secure desktop shows. However, only exclusive mode works, which is a problem since I still need to hear other audio alerts in Windows.

The WaveOut plugin that's packaged with Winamp works as well as WASAPI, except with the added bonus of shared audio. Is there any way to use Nullsoft's plugin with foobar, or is there an alternative plugin I can try? I really prefer foobar's interface over Winamp's...