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I cannot set up the right offset for EAC
Hi, after installing the newer version of EAC I have problem with offset set up. No matter what I rip I always get message that the rip isn't accurate. I know that it is because of wrong offset set up. I know that it should be +667 but EAC automatically sets it up on +679. I want to use it with AccurateRip so the option box is disabled. How to set it up the right way?

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I cannot set up the right offset for EAC
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The only drives in Accuraterip database with offset +679 are:

1) CREATIVE - CD4820E CS990211
2) E-IDE - CD-ROM 24X-AKOx
3) HP - CD-ROM CD32X

Which one do you have?

There are however 315 drives with offset +667. So is there any chance that it isn't the wrong offset. Maybe you have a scratched CD and are using Burst mode?
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