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FLACCL tagging using EAC
I was wondering how do I force FLACCL to write tags into files, when using it w/EAC as an external compression tool.
It seems to have no problems w/foobar.

For FLAC in EAC this line works
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-V -8 -T "Genre=%genre%" -T "Artist=%artist%" -T "Title=%title%" -T "Album=%albumtitle%" -T "Date=%year%" -T "Tracknumber=%tracknr%" -T "Comment=%comment%" %source%

And in case of FLACCL it only understands this line, otherwise it causes error
-11 -o %dest% %source%

If somebody has figured out the commands/how to, please help. Also I wouldn't refuse to find out how to do it using xrecode=)


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FLACCL tagging using EAC
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There once was asked a simliar question and this should work the same for FlacCL. Just make it fit your taste of tagging and the new executable.
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FLACCL tagging using EAC
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Thanks mate, after ~dozen tries I found my desired line 
Goal was to write C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe for the encoder path, and the additional line was this:
/c ""C:\Program Files\CUETools.FLACCL.cmd.exe" -11 --verify  %source% -o %dest% && "C:\Program Files\FLAC\metaflac.exe" --set-tag="Genre=%genre%" --set-tag="Artist=%artist%" --set-tag="Title=%title%" --set-tag="Album=%albumtitle%" --set-tag="Date=%year%" --set-tag="Tracknumber=%tracknr%" --set-tag="Comment=%comment%" %dest%"

Say, u happen to know how to make it hidden? So it won't appear each time track needs to be encoded?