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Topic: [TOS #5 (of the massive variety)] From: ID3 Tags Disappearing in Explo (Read 406 times) previous topic - next topic

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[TOS #5 (of the massive variety)] From: ID3 Tags Disappearing in Explo
So, I've had this issue forever now, though I never had it with any other players which is why I'm sure it's Foobar.

Basically, after listening to a song, sometimes at random it will remove the MP3's tags from appearing in windows explorer.
The tags are still actually there though, then to fix it I have to open the album in MP3Tag and just click save, the tags will then appear as normal.

It's not a massive issue, but still a little annoying. Here's my components in case these are to blame rather than Foobar itself.


HI,i have a problem here.
It seems that i have no right to start a topic under column foobar2000.
So I  came here for your help.
I have used the foo_ui_columns  component,but i cannot  display my  Albums  in the screen.

How can i solve it?(My version is the latest beta)