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mp3 tags changes by itself randomly?
Hi, I am not sure if this is a foobar problem or not, but foobar is the only music player i use, and i only open my music files with foobar.
basically, the issue is that somefiles (usually a file from a random artist, random album, random track, but sometimes the whole album) changes its date tag, and removes its replayGain data
for example if i have the whole album A tagged with the date 2012-05-20 and ReplayGain info, then by some random chance, the ReplayGain info got removed, and the date tag turns into ATE; 2012
This does not occur often sometimes multiple files get changed in one day, sometimes it never happens for months, but I really cannot figure out what I did special to trigger this.

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mp3 tags changes by itself randomly?
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thank you for your help, tried search ate and got no result, only changes the date field for me

for anyone who may have the same problem in the future the problem is windows media player