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[TOS #8] From: Tell us why have you chosen foobar2000
I am an audiophyle, so I am looking for the quality of the reproduction first.

I personally find Foobar2000 to be the most trustable and reliable tool I tested so far.

It sounds very well and outperforms many others we shall have to pay for.
The VST-host (3rd party) is excellent, as well as it is the ASIO support (3rd party too).
The embedded (by 3rd party plug-in) ABX and Bit comparators, along with the detailed rip report, have been the differences that made me definitively prefer it.

So, in conclusion, I selected Foobar2000 because it is good and even better than many others, as well as because its 3rd party Plug-in are generally as good as it.

Thanks to all and keep going in this way.
Kind regards,