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DSD to Flac: clicks in high end
Hello all,

I've ripped some of my SACD so I can listen them through my DAC but I'm experiencing a 'small' problem. It sound great but there are small clicks in the higher frequencies.

I've ripped them to 176.4 with both Audiogate and DSDConverter, with and without dither, and with and without a -3db filter at 42khz. None of the settings seem to affect the clicks. Also, they don't seem to be related to the audio signal and they don't occur at a fixed interval. Therefore it can't be clipping.

Has anyone similar experiences, does anyone know what the problem is and/or have a solution.

Kind regards, Maarten

ps. not sure if DSD to Flac is lossless, I'm pretty sure it's not. But anyways, this seemed the best forum for the issue.