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An approach to map alternative (Kanji) name to Artist name
Hey guys, I am currently trying to map the Japanese artist name in Romaji form (e.g. Nobuo Uematsu) to his/her kanji name, e.g. (植松 伸夫). I know that I could just create and embed a custom tag field (e.g. artist_jp) into each track that has the same artist. But as you can see, this approach is not efficient because I will need to manually update each similar artist with his/her associated kanji name!

So instead, I make use of foo_customdb by doing the following:
1) Create a custom tag field called ARTIST_JP in custom db. The key was %artist%

So whenever I want to add the Kanji name for a japanese artist (say Nobuo Uematsu), I just insert it to a track that has him as the artist and any other tracks that have him as the artist name will be updated with the associated Kanji name without me having to recreate the same tag field for the same artist.

However there is a problem with this approach:
1) This only works for mapping %artist% with %artist_jp%, it does not work with composer. So I can't map the %composer% tag with the associated %artist_jp% tag even though the composer name is the same as the artist.

2) It does not work with multivalue field. So if a track has multiple artists, e.g. Nobuo Uematsu; Yasunori Mitsuda. The %artist_jp% will not work as it can't find the relationship between them.

Having said that, I am wondering is there a better approach for doing such task? I would love to have both the Japanese english and the kanji name to displayed for a track. And what approach did you take to incorporate both type of names into your track?

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An approach to map alternative (Kanji) name to Artist name
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As I were saying, I had created a custom tag field, named JARTIST in foo custom db that has the key field of ARTIST, so the following somewhat describe what the db looks like:
青山 桐子 | Touko Aoyama
岩村愛 | Ai Iwamura

And I use my title formating to display the JARTIST tag for each japanese artist. So for each occuring ARTIST that has either Touko Aoyama or Ai Iwamura, the appropriate JARTIST tag will be read and the content displayed. This work fine only if the ARTIST contain single artist (implies no multivalue)

Problem is when the ARTIST is multivalued (e.g. Touko Aoyama; Ai Iwamura), using JARTIST would not map and display the JARTIST tag that is mapped to ARTIST. So I had to manually enter the JARTIST tag with the content (e.g. 青山 桐子; 岩村愛)