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Topic: How to set missing album artist field to "various artists"? (Read 581 times) previous topic - next topic

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How to set missing album artist field to "various artists"?
Got a slight issue with my music library in that the album artist tags are all over the place... as a result grouping in certain Foobar configs goes a bit mental, mainly on compilation albums. I was wondering if anyone knows a quick and easy way of sweeping my library to set the album artist field to "various artists" should the artist fields consist of multiple artists, for example. Not too concerned about tag accuracy at the end of the day, just that the albums are grouped...

Had a look at the right click context menus and found that under properties > tools is "automatically fill values". Wondering what string I'd need to do this? %album artist% highlights the field... then I'd need to do something like;

If artist field of track 1, 2 and 3 match then album artist equals artist. If not, set album artists to "various artists". Is this possible within a string?


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How to set missing album artist field to "various artists"?
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As far as I know foobar2000 normally handles files on per track basis so I doubt it's possible.