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  • damoresh
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Help needed reguarding FLAC tags.
I use foobar 2k to edit flac tags. In foobar2k one will notice that the Properties option will allow users to edit metadata and in this there are some values like Total Tracks, Total Discs which i would like to fill. However i am not sure whether this is officially supported by FLAC. the player will not have any problem in filling these values but it would be safer to add only those values which flac supports officially. Because the Properties option in foobar2k is the same whether it is an mp3 or flac.

So i'd love to get some clarification reguarding this. Also if someone of you can please specify a list of all the tags which flac supports Because i don't wish to add those tags that flac doesn't support.

I even wish to add album art to FLAC using MP3Tag.
The size of the album art is around 345kb (dimensions-1400*1400.)
Is it good to add such huge dimension art into flac files.
What is the maximum size and dimensions of album art that flac supports?

  • lvqcl
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Help needed reguarding FLAC tags.
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  • tuffy
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Help needed reguarding FLAC tags.
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FLAC supports an unlimited number of pictures, with a maximum width and height of 4294967296 pixels, and a maximum size of about 16 megabytes each (minus a few bytes for the MIME type, image dimensions, etc.)

  • Porcus
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Help needed reguarding FLAC tags.
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345 kilobytes = 2760 kilobits = about the space that 3 seconds of music will take.

  • damoresh
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Help needed reguarding FLAC tags.
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Which is the right way of adding multiple artist names to a tag ? Should i use a comma (,) a semicolon ( a slash (/) or (&) after the 1st ,2nd artist and so on.
i.e Artist1, Artist2,artist3 etc..OR
Artist1; Artist2; artist3 OR
Which is the right way of naming so that the player or any other software recognises each of these artists as a separate one. I think using '&' between the 2nd last and the last artist results in the player recognising both these artists as one.
Please tell me the right way of doin this..and many a thanks in advance.
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Help needed reguarding FLAC tags.
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There is no easy answer to that question.

The preferred way when using vorbis comments is that each one goes into a separate field, not one field with a separator character. In Mp3tag this is done by using two backslashes when entering values into a field.


What you enter and see will be the above, but what is actually created are three separate fields, all with the same field name of ARTIST.

BUT... Specific applications may expect you to use a separator of ; or something similar. And some applications have no provision at all for specifying multiple artists. In that case the whole string will be treated as a single artist, and the best you can do is format it to look good, such as 'Artist1 & Artist2 & Artist3'.

In the end, all you can really do is to tag your files to work best with your favorite application. You can always go back and change the tagging at a later date.
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