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FhG Encoders

I am looking for a FhG MP3 encoder, which supports VBR. Beside this, I should be able to select the channel mode, sampling rate and bitrate. I need this because I want to test at which offset the VBRI header is (the offset of the Xing header depends on the sampling rate (actually MPEG version) and channel mode).


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FhG Encoders
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There's an FhG encoder (fht.flt) in CoolEdit that can encode using VBR. The VBR mp3's it creates don't display properly in Winamp, however that can be fixed using VBRFix

If you ask me it's alot of trouble to go through by encoding an FhG VBR mp3 since every one I've encountered had to be ran through VBRFix just to display the correct timing and to have proper seeking information.