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[no] From: foo_playlist_organizer (aka foo_plorg)
How does Driving Under the Influence (DUI) fit with foobar2000? or-- the PLORG for that matter? hmph. ohh that's Dulcimer .. no... some UI toolkit, i forget.

but, occifer! Occifer, I hereby would like to testify... at this juncture, front of a judge: It's not because i think you ma'am as drunk juss cause i like Bee Gees, but moreover!
heretofore, and i and 99’cent certain, henceforth, i do detest, my hands around the bridal, firmly:

The foobar2000 part-- female-coupling does not play well with this PLORG, male-coupling. excuse me, occifer... foo_plorg.dll , that is. An eefin if it weren't had no moving parts, i still can't cram it in there right way.

most unusual, i've achieved some success using legacy foo_plorg.dll as released... i mean... i drive a Honda Legacy, ... err... naw, it's an Acura, and I get PLORG working there, them older women more easily. however (and, i'm sorry my breaf stink... does it stinks? i'm sorry if it do)

but, wfhat i want is the PLORG work, when I have all this other stuff going at the same time. how come that is?

What you wanna know? my driver's licence? how many food stamps i get this month? i behave, ossifer.. no needs a cuffs on me. n'kay. i's lissnin. now you go. just gimme the keys so i can see how it sounds, in the Acura.