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What is Tunecortex
Hello. Does anyone know what is Tunecortex?
After mass tagging some files with MusicBrainz and Discogs, i'm now cleaning up useless tags and found those TUNECORTEX tags with only numbers. I googled Tunecortex and found this page with only tunecortex master on a grey page.
I'll probably remove those tags but i'm curious what this is about. There is nothing about it here and if something audio-related is not discussed here, wher should it be

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What is Tunecortex
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Quick google revealed that it (was) some site which provided BPM information for tunes, but I am not aware through which software. That being said, I am quite sure you were tagging pirated material

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What is Tunecortex
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That being said, I am quite sure you were tagging pirated material

There were probably some. Sometimes when i can't buy an album in FLAC i buy it as MP3 and then torrent the FLAC. 
That being said, there were more than just "alternative formats" in this mass tagging batch. In fact i was mass tagging a large part of my collection in an attempt to re-organize it better. Over the years i have used tags quite differently and now that i have found a software with very good tags support (foobar2000) i wanted to have something coherent. MusicBrainz and Discogs seemed like a good starting point.
This allowed me to realize i had some albums with missing tracks. Even albums i ripped myself from my own CD 

EDIT : The tracks with tunecortex info are actually tracks i ripped myself from my very own CDs so there's no relation to the "official" or "alternative" source of the tracks 
And, yes, i also buy CDs, but CD storage is space limited while digital is virtually unlimited (thanks to ever-increasing hard-drive capacity). I buy physical CDs only from my favorite bands or when there is no legal download. Everything ends up on my computer anyway as i no longer have a CD reader.

EDIT 2 : Now that i think of it, i have tried a couple of automatic BPM analysers some time ago on a few albums. That's probably when those tunecortex tags appeared. I never noticed them before as i didn't pay much attention to custom tags, or wasn't even able to see them before using foobar2000 

Well, thanks for the answer.
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