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c-library for shoutcast?
Hi, I'm searching for a good c/c++ library that implements shoutcast stream listening.
Mainly MP3, ogg is not such important.
Can anyon ehelp me with that?
Freshmeat just schows mpglib.. but it is filebased..

c-library for shoutcast?
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You can take a look at
This evening the DirectShow RadLight SHOUTcast source filter should be released public with simple Delphi sample application and C++ and Delphi header files.
have the force, read the source

c-library for shoutcast?
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hey, cool

can't wait for it.

yet, there is not much info about it, but i hope that comes soon

c-library for shoutcast?
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Ok... it is alive now

You can join our discussion board at our home page for further info

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have the force, read the source

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c-library for shoutcast?
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Scorp. IIRC both you and DarkAvenger are Delphi guys. And so is this shoutcast plugin and source. Perhaps once he gleaned enough data from the source he could code it in C. But he would have to know delphi first.

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c-library for shoutcast?
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Hi Neo Neko 

Yes, we used to code most of the stuff in Delphi ... now it's only GUI 

The RadLight SHOUTcast source filter is a regular DirectShow filter and as such is made in C++    We decided to code the sample app in Delphi because it was faster than to do it in VC++ ... but every experienced programmer should be able to port it to C or whatever 

P.S It's not DarkAvenger 

EDIT: I forgot to mention that C++ headers are included ... so no problem, right? 
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