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Problem with foo_airplay
Hi all,

I'm not sure where to post my issue, because in the plugin forum there is no thread for this plugin yet. So if it's wrong here please move it.

I've got a problem with my foobar and the plugin foo_airplay to send my music wireless to the apple airport express from my notebook.

When I activate the plugin under "Playback - Airplay" and choose my airport and press play nothing happens. When i look into the airport utility i see the following errormessage: "AirTunes stream from 192.168.X.X start." and then "AirTunes time sync receiver error: -6710"

But when I want to test it with Itunes und choose there my Airport everything works fine.

Even on my normal PC, which is connected wired to the network, it works fine with Foobar and the plugin foo_airplay.

So the combination of Laptop + Foobar + foo_airplay doesn't work, but the combination of Laptop+Itunes does work and also the combination of PC+Foobar+foo_airplay does work very good.

So actually it works on my Laptop but i don't want to use Itunes, Foobar is much more comfortable for me and i don't want to miss it.

Does anyone have a solution or a suggestion to fix my problem?

If you need more information don't hesitate to ask me.


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Problem with foo_airplay
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What i've forgotten to tell is that sometimes it works, but when i close Foobar, reopen it and start to stream again it doesn't work.

So I try it 30 times and at 2 times it works.

The Log of foobar looks like this:

"AirPlay: found station Denon
StreamingStation 44D8846C3350@Denon created
sending ANNOUNCE...
sending SETUP...
sPort = 6000, cPort = 6001, tPort = 6002
sending RECORD...
Opening track for playback:"XY.mp3"

Btw. Denon is the Airport station

Anyone any Idea?

Problem with foo_airplay
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I believe it is more probable to get help on the blog of the author who doesn't participate on the forum here.
german support forum: / user: qwert73