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[TOS #6] From: AAC True VBR vs. VBR?
IMHO, Just forget about that debate.

To the point op asking, I'd say true VBR at around 256 kbps. Actual Bit rate will go even higher when needed, it's very flexible.
IMO 192 kbps is already great.

So there's no point to going higher than 256 for AAC?  I'm interested in this top as I'm right now on the fence between mp3 vbr 0 and aac at 256.  I didn't know there was a different in VBR's with AAC but I'm looking to convert my lossless audio (kept for archiving purposes) into a high quality lossy format but I'd like to do the research prior to starting the process so I make no mistkaes and I find out there was a better setting.