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  • gaius
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Soundcard for 2-channel reproduction
Hi all,
I have a midrange audio set-up (Midrange Yamaha Receiver and a pair of Tannoy Eyris 1) connected to my PC.

If using digital out to send the audio stream to the receiver, is it worth it adding a discrete audio card, as opposed to using the Motherboard integrated audio?
My usage standards are pretty simple: music -> stereo. No gaming, movies, etc. Just music, and 2-channel.

I understand that many have asked similar questions before, but perhaps their requirements weren't as simple as mine.

thanks for your help.

  • AiZ
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Soundcard for 2-channel reproduction
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Hello Gaius,

I would say that the answer is in the question. If your motherboard provides S/PDIF output and your receiver provides S/PDIF input, just connect them! You're in the case (2-channels, music only) where a discrete audio card is susceptible not to bring any improvements at all.

Have a nice day,

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