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usb media indexer / media library ?
looking for
usb drives media indexer

- must support reading user comments (win, osx comments maybe) and native
media metadata, like exif
(if not a client to make custom database on win and osx required)
- thumbnail generation for media files (mp4, avi, pdf, txt)
- small movies generation (moving thumbs)
- good report for all kind of movies files (size, format, codec, lenght, nomber of audio channels)
- must have a web/html rendering part, so i can search remotely using only a browser
- ability to download media that is actually on the local drive (must know that this is the same clip)
like offline, online status
- an ability to detect duplicates
- an ability to detect that same disk was allready indexed and this is just a change now
- open source
- decent docs
- good database backup abilities
- server must run on ubuntu
- there must be a client on ubuntu (could be a cli tool)
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